Living Naturally News brings you the real deal on how you can live a natural and healthier life. We’re talking no nonsense, straight-to-the-facts natural living news. We want to inspire you with the latest natural living ideas to help you live a simpler, healthier and happier life. Welcome to green living!

What is green living?

Green living starts with your state of mind. It starts with a desire to do something better for your body, your emotional and mental wellbeing, your home, family and the world around you.

Natural living is about getting back to basics and realizing that maybe Grandma’s natural wisdom wasn’t crazy after all.

Once you learn more about a natural lifestyle and organic living, green living is a lifestyle. It’s a commitment to find and enjoy the simplicity of life and the beautiful bounty the earth offers.

It’s time to recognize that we’re all in this together. We can make a big impact in our lives (and the world around us) with the right natural living ideas and a few simple small steps.

The Green Team

We’re a small group of people who want to get back to basics. Green living, natural beauty and a healthy, natural family-oriented lifestyle is what we live for.


Cynthia Bowman | Editor

Journalist, mom of 2 and nomad, she’s the writer, dreamer and the brain behind Living Naturally News.

She also works with other brands on their online presence and is known as the PR maven and super-blog doctor by her clients. You can find more info about working with Cynthia over at her digital marketing services website, Venture Visionary.

Favorite natural living ideas: Using argan oil for EVERYTHING and Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Health goals: Less coffee, more time for yoga and healthier eating.



Kate P. |  Assistant

Kate is our behind-the-scenes girl. (Can you tell by her photo?) She handles all the important details that may get forgotten. She’s also a contributor and recipe tester here.

When not taking care of Living Naturally News, Kate is traveling solo everywhere and anywhere. She and Cynthia, who met on a trip in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, are part of a huge network of solo-traveling girls called Girls Love Travel.

Favorite natural living ideas: A macrobiotic diet and essential oils.

Health goals: Run the Boston Marathon. 




Dave-O | Contributing Photographer

Dave isn’t his real name, but he looks like the front man of Jane’s Addiction, Dave Navarro. You’ll find his photography in various magazines and here at Living Naturally News.

Favorite natural living ideas: Organic wine, fair trade chocolate and juicing.

Health goals: Sleep more, go totally vegetarian and detox his apartment by getting rid of all the store-bought chemicals.



Want to Write for Us?

If you’ve got some great natural living, health and wellness ideas and don’t mind a little direction from the team, reach out! Don’t forget to include your idea and add a link to some of your sample work or personal blog, too.

Whether you’re a crunchy mom or an alternative medicine guru or count your carbon footprint meticulously or have no idea what any of these things are, you’re in the right place on your path to green living. Welcome!