Everything You Need to Know About a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Everything You Need to Know About a Himalayan Salt Lamp

You’ve probably heard about the health benefits of Himalayan salt, but did you know you don’t have to eat it? A Himalayan salt lamp is is made from a solid piece of the famed pink rock salt and works like an all-natural air purification system.

A Himalayan salt lamp is made out of a chunk of the rock salt that’s been hollowed out. A light bulb inside generates heat and a lovely glow. But that lightbulb does more than add ambiance to a room – it’s the reason the Himalayan rock salt lamp works so well at air purification.

How Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Work?

The air around us carries pollutants and toxins, trapped in the humidity or water vapor molecules of the air. We breathe these pollutants in all the time, which often cause allergies. The salt in the Himalayan salt lamp will draw in and absorb airborne water molecules (and the pollutants they carry). The heat from the bulb will dry out the moisture the salt absorbed while the contaminants remain in the lamp.

A Himalayan salt lamp cycles by continuously absorbing the ambient humidity, trapping toxins and releasing clean moisture as the bulb heats the lamp.

The salt lamp will sometimes look like its sweating – which is perfectly normal. If you’re worried about the moisture damaging your table or surface, put a plate under your Himalayan salt lamp to catch the moisture.

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How Do I Clean My Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Because the crystal salt lamp absorbs impurities, it’s a good idea to turn it off and clean it once a month. Once the lamp is cool, rub it gently with a damp rag or sponge. Pat it dry, turn it back on and let the light inside finish drying it.

Where Should I Place My Himalayan Salt Lamp for the Best Health Benefits?

To enjoy the purified air the salt lamp creates, keep it where you spend lots of time at. Place one on your nightstand where you sleep or at your desk to ensure that you’re breathing in the freshest air in the room. You can leave the lamp on at all times, the bulb is small and uses minimal electricity.

What Size Himalayan Salt Lamp Do I Need?

It all depends on the room size. When choosing a Himalayan salt lamp follow these general guidelines:

  • A smaller 5 pound Himalayan salt lamp should work well in a small room like a bathroom or by your bedside.
  • Go with a 6 – 12 pound crystal salt lamp in a larger bedroom or small living room.
  • Large, open spaces and spaces with lots of electronics and electromagnetic radiation require the largest salt lamp you can afford. Find one that’s at least 12 pounds.

Himalayan salt lamps can clear electromagnetic radiation as well as pollutants. If your space is shared with smokers or lots of electrical devices, choose a larger salt crystal lamp.

What are the Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Besides the air purification qualities which can trap allergens, pollen and impurities to reduce asthma and allergies, there are other benefits that are mental health related:

  • Salt lamps neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation from electrical devices and computers. According to a study, being exposed to high EM levels weakens the immune system and causes giddiness, high  stress and exhaustion. Having a salt lamp around keeps EM levels (and your stress due to the exposure) low.
  • A psychiatric study found that negative air ionization reduced depression proportional to the level of ionization. A slight improvement in seasonal affective disorder, also known as the Holiday Blues, was also seen with lower ion concentrations.

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The Bottom Line: Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Really Work?

No studies have been done specifically on salt lamps, but the science behind evaporation, negative ions and moisture particles is real. The health benefits of a salt lamp may be small, but they are still benefits. Add to the fact that the lamp casts a beautiful warm glow and owning a Himalayan salt lamp is worth the money.

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  • Wow. I heard of sea salt for consumption however not for air purification. Who knew? I’ll have to find out where to buy one. This is great info. I love all natural solutions to everyday problems. Great post. Thanks!

    • They’re becoming so popular you’ll be able to find them both online and at many Walmart, Target and Marshalls stores.

  • Wow, this is really interesting. My mum swears by putting Himalayan salt in her bath to de-stress but i didn’t know you could get lamps like this! Thanks 🙂

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