Ladies! Drink More Tea (Because the Health Benefits of Tea Are Real)

Ladies! Drink More Tea (Because the Health Benefits of Tea Are Real)

Did you notice that we said ladies? A new study says that the health benefits of tea are more powerful for women than men. Researchers can’t determine if the effect on women is biological or habit based, since it’s likely women drink tea more than men, but the results confirm that drinking tea for cancer and other diseases is not a myth.

The Health Benefits of Tea

Our lifestyle choices, diet and the toxic chemicals in the environment around us can affect our genes by shutting our genes off – or turning them on.

The recently released study found that drinking tea can lower our risk for disease by decreasing inflammation, stopping tumor growth and controlling estrogen metabolism. Compounds in tea “lead to epigenetic changes in the genes known to interact with estrogen metabolism and cancer”.

Researchers found that drinking tea did not help men and that the health benefits of tea affected women only.

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The effect may have to do with the fact that drinking tea reduces estrogen levels, creating the “difference between the biological response to tea in men and women,”  said Weronica Ek, the researcher who led the study. The study did not show if one type of tea was favorable over another.

Wondering what’s the healthiest tea? When looking for the best health benefits of tea, look for the least processed leaf. Polyphenols and flavonoids are the two most powerful antioxidants present in tea. The less processed the tea leaves are, the more antioxidants will be present.

Green tea is on the top of the list, especially matcha green tea. If you’re looking for the best tea for cancer try white tea, which is unfermented and unprocessed,  and has the most potent anti-cancer properties all tea. Other teas like black tea and oolong may not be as potent, but still have plenty of antioxidant properties.

Next time you go on a date with girlfriends, skip the Cosmopolitan or skinny latte and order up a tea instead. It will be good for you and your friends.what's the healthiest tea -

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