The Ultimate Guide to Lemon Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

The  Ultimate Guide to Lemon Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Certain essential oils are powerful and versatile enough to do more than one job. These super essential oils include lavender, rosemary and lemon essential oil.

Lemon essential oil uses are nearly endless—use for cleaning, food and drinks, for healing or aromatherapy.

A study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, lemon oil may actually be the most powerful anti-microbial agent of all the essential oils.

Lemon oil benefits include:

  • anti-infectious
  • detoxifying
  • antiseptic
  • astringent
  • disinfectant
  • antifungal
  • mood enhancing
  • fat burning

A quality lemon essential oil is not only versatile, it’s one of the most affordable, making it a must-have, even if you’re on a budget.

Here are 20 lemon essential oil uses and why they work:

1. For Allergies

Most people find the lemon scent to be soothing and uplifting. The distinct aroma comes from a chemical compound called limonene, which can be tolerated by many allergy sufferers.

Inhaling lemon essential oil helps clear the sinuses and nasal passages for better breathing. The Journal International Scholarly Research found that a nasal preparation using lemon essential oil alleviated the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and seasonal allergies.

Lemon essential oil uses for allergies:

  • Diffuse a few drops of lemon essential oil in a cold-mist diffuser
  • Add a few drops of essential lemon oil in a spray bottle of water, shake and spray in the air
  • Add one drop of lemon oil to saline nasal spray to help clear the airways
  • Create an allergy shield tonic by mixing 3 drops each of lemon, peppermint and lavender essential oil, mix with 20 drops of coconut or sweet almond oil and apply to the bottoms of your feet before bed

2. As an easy morning detox tonic

lemon detox tea

A lot goes on when you sleep. The liver and lungs work hard all night getting rid of toxins. According to Ayurvedic medicine, drinking warm water in the morning boosts our digestive power and flushes the metabolic waste from the night’s restoration process.

Adding lemon oil to your warm water also boosts your immune system, thanks to the high vitamin C level of lemon essential oil. The oil is PH neutral (not overly acidic or alkaline) and far easier on your digestion than acidic lemon or orange juice. And according to a study, the aroma of lemon or citrus can also aid in weight loss.

3. Use lemon essential oil to fight colds and flu

Lemon oil contains high levels of D-limonene, which is a powerful anti-cancer antioxidant. According to findings by Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology, the oil’s high antioxidant levels boosts white blood cell production to better fight off illnesses.

4. Try lemon essential oil as a natural Neosporin alternative

Lemon essential oil is antiseptic and antimicrobial, so use it to clean and heal small wounds, scrapes and burns.

Lemon essential oil uses as an antiseptic:

  • Antiseptic Spray: mix 1/4 C pure water with 6 drops each of lemon and 12 drops of lavender or tea tree oil in a spray bottle and shake. Spray on the affected area.
  • Healing salve: Mix 15 drops each of lemon and lavender oil with organic cocoa butter and store in a tight container. Apply on the wound as needed.

5. Lemon essential oil hand sanitizer

Simply rubbing a couple of drops of lemon essential oil on your hands will sanitize them. Keep a bottle handy by mixing one part lemon oil with two parts coconut or almond oil to keep hands soft and sanitized.

Cup your sanitized hands and take a deep breath of the lemon oil to uplift your senses.

6. As aromatherapy for pregnant moms

Essential oils should always be used with caution when pregnant. But lemon essential oil used as aromatherapy has been proven in a clinical study to help fight morning sickness. Nausea and vomiting dropped an average of a 33 percent in just four days of lemon essential oil diffusion.

According to Science Direct, a clinical trial study on aromatherapy has also suggested that citrus oil is also good for relieving first stage labor pain.

7. Add vibrant flavor to your meals

best essential oils

Many dishes call for lemon rind or grated lemon peel to brighten the dish flavors. Add a drop or two of lemon essential oil instead. It not only adds depth to the flavor, it protects against food-borne illness.

Several studies, including one by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, found that adding lemon essential oil to food eliminated dangerous pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella.

8. Lemon essential oil tooth brightener

Lemon juice is highly acidic and can potentially damage tooth enamel. But lemon oil is PH neutral (neither acidic nor alkaline) and can be helpful at drawing out impurities that cause your teeth to look yellow.

Mix a few drops of lemon essential oil with baking soda and coconut oil to create a paste. Rub or brush your teeth with the paste for three minutes and rinse.

The essential oil mix has an additional benefit. Studies show that daily essential oil oral rinses also reduce plaque and gingivitis.

9. Create a lemon essential oil all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant

Lemon scent is fresh and clean. And as you’ve read, lemon oil is antimicrobial and disinfectant. Get rid of the harsh chemical cleaners and use an all-purpose, natural lemon oil cleaner instead. Mix 2 cups of water with 2 tablespoons of liquid castile soap and add 20 – 25 drops of lemon essential oil.

Need something tougher? Make a paste of baking soda, a splash of water and a few drops of lemon essential oil for a little extra scrubbing power.

Use a natural lemon essential oil cleaner for all surfaces. It’s an eco-friendly cleaner that won’t affect the air quality of your home.

10. Homemade, natural lemon oil polish

Wood furniture polishes featuring lemon oil are effective, but packed with harmful chemicals. Replace the toxic and expensive furniture polish with a homemade version by mixing ½ cup of your favorite oil with 15 drops of lemon oil.

You can also add some lemon oil drops to a soft cloth to clean and polish tarnished metals.

11. Use lemon oil to cut grease, sticky residue and clean crayon drawings off the wall

Lemon oil is great for dissolving adhesive residue, removing gum and cutting grease. Lemon oil will also help remove crayon marks from walls or other surfaces. Use the same wood furniture polish mixture to remove sticky residue or clean crayon marks. For grease, use a few drops of pure lemon essential oil.

12. Awesome oily skin cleanser and toner

Because lemon essential oil is astringent enough to cut oils and wax, it’s great for oily skin. Create a 50/50 blend of witch hazel and distilled water and add 40 drops of lemon essential oil. Put some on a cotton ball to deep cleanse the pores.

Not only will the mixture cut oils and unclog pores, the antiseptic properties of the essential oil will also kill the germs responsible for pimples and acne.

When using this toner, wear sunscreen before going outside; lemon oil may increase your skin’s sensitivity to sun.

13. Lemon essential oil deodorizer

Lemon oil is a great natural odor remover. Use it generously to dispel carpet odors, pet odors, to clean the sink after preparing seafood and to remove the musty odors out of laundry that stayed damp too long.

14. It’s great for concentration

A Japanese study found that diffusing lemon essential oil improves the cognitive function of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. And in a separate study, workers made 54 percent fewer errors at work while smelling lemon essential oil.

Next time you’re tempted to reach for a cup of coffee, try inhaling some lemon oil first.

15. For lessening stress & anxiety

Lemon oil has the fascinating qualities of being able to help a person feel invigorated and relaxed. Studies have shown that lemon essential oil had the “strongest anti-stress” effect of several essential oils tested.

16. As a natural yeast infection remedy

Yeast infections can be treated naturally using lemon oil, which is antifungal. This natural remedy for yeast infections works; a recent study discovered that lemon oil could inhibit the growth of several Candida strains.

Add several drops of lemon oil to your daily bath to heal the infection or create a mixture of 2 cups of lukewarm water, 1 tablespoons of vinegar, 3 drops of lemon oil and 4 drops of tea tree oil to apply externally. If the infection is not better in a week, see a healthcare practitioner.

17. Lemon essential oil uses for digestive issues

A Brazilian study praised the gastro-protective properties of lemon essential oil. It’s a great natural alternative to Tums.

Ingesting lemon oil will relieve digestive issues like:

  • acidity
  • gas
  • heartburn
  • indigestion
  • stomach cramps

Add a few drops to a warm mug of water to sip. To create the ultimate digestive tonic, also add freshly sliced ginger to the warm drink.

18. Natural insect repellent

Mix your choice of lemon oil, peppermint, tea tree and lemon eucalyptus essential oils to repel mosquitos, ants and other insects. A study found that certain essential oils are “as effective as Deet” without the side effects.

If applying on the skin, mix with coconut oil, which according to the same study, is also an effective insect repellent.

19. Lemon essential oil benefits include natural food preservative

The antioxidant properties in lemon oil keep fruits and vegetables that brown easily, like cut avocado, banana and apples fresh. Rinse freshly cut fruits and veggies with a water wash containing a few drops of lemon essential oil.

20. Lemon essential oil sore throat gargle

lemon essential oil benefits

A combination of salt and lemon oil mixed with water is a simple, effective gargle that will relieve a sore throat while healing any mouth inflammation.

Are these lemon essential oil uses safe?

In most cases, lemon essential oil is safe. Some people find that it can irritate their skin, which can be resolved by diluting the oil with a favorite oil like coconut, jojoba, argan or olive oil.

Lemon oil may cause photosensitivity, which could cause sunburn, so it’s best to use sunscreen and apply lemon oil on the skin only when indoors.

The Bottom Line on Lemon Essential Oil Benefits

Invest in a good lemon essential oil, a spray bottle or two and start replacing many of your expensive, store bought products with a DIY natural lemon oil mixture. It’s a great way to start clearing your home and body of toxic chemicals while saving considerable money on expensive chemicals.

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